Vehicle Onboarding Process

1. List your vehicle

  1. List your car.
  2. Upload required vehicle documents. Required documents by city.
  3. Create a deal. DriverSelect offers two service levels:
    • DriverSelect Standard: R250/week.
    • DriverSelect Plus: R600/week. (Reductions available for large fleets)
    Read more about Car Owner Services.

2. Uber takes 24-48 hours to review and approve vehicle documents

Should there be a problem with a document you will be asked to upload a replacement.

3. DriverSelect reviews and approves the deal

DriverSelect will check that the deal fits into the scope of acceptable deals. Once accepted the deal is made available for drivers to request.

4. Drivers request to rent the vehicle

You need to monitor your rental requests and respond in a timely manner so as to avoid losing a potential driver.

You need to email DriverSelect once you have chosen a driver, we will double check that the driver meets Uber’s requirements for drivers renting through DriverSelect.

If you already have a driver you want to drive for you, you can send them a direct link to your deal so that they can request it.

5. Accept a driver

Accept the driver’s request to indicate you want to rent to them.

The driver will be notified but it doesn’t hurt to contact them directly and send them the link to your rental.

6. Driver commits

If the driver is still interested in your deal after being accepted, they must commit to your deal.

7. Preparation for the handover

Once the driver has committed, preparations for the handover can begin:

  1. If the driver does not have partner status, they must request this from Uber. This process takes 6 working days.
  2. DriverSelect will supply a rental agreement based on the deal, which must be signed by both owner and driver.
  3. DriverSelect will supply an Uber authorisation form which must be signed by the driver.
  4. A handover time and date must be scheduled with the manager at one of our handover premises.
  5. DriverSelect will transfer the vehicle to the driver-partner’s profile, before the handover.

The forms may be signed at handover.

8. Handover

The vehicle must be delivered to one of our handover premises. It must be clean and have a full tank of petrol. Before the driver can drive off the following needs to be completed:

  1. The vehicle is given mechanical and cosmetic inspection.
  2. If not already signed, all forms and agreements must be completed.
  3. The driver receives DriverSelect training and his app is checked to make sure he can pick up trips.

If you have any questions please check our Knowledgebase.